Benching Systems

The Laboratory Core

Laboratory benching system are high-performance modular workstations for laboratory applications.

Our modular, free-standing lab benches include numerous built-in accessories and can accommodate suspended or floor-standing casework, and any kind of counter surface.

The Laboratory benching system provides the workspace and surface for lab work. Being modular, they can be adapted to fit any space, and as they are not built in, they are moveable or reusable.

Benching systems need to be able to facilitate lab procedures, testing and other lab tasks, therefor selecting the correct laboratory workbench system and configuration will improve ergonomics, workflow and ensure surface longevity.

The purpose and need should determine the workbench design, size, countertop material and storage requirements.

Laboratory benching systems are typically made up– Frames, cabinets, worktops and components

Bench Components

Versatile, Functional, Customisable, and Adaptable Bench Systems


Frames are constructed according to industrial standards using steel in a choice of square or rectangular profile as an inhouse product. Welding is carried out using the latest laser technology followed by treatment using a phosphating process, finished with a baked epoxy powder coating (70mic), in various color options. Three style options are offered: Traditional, Contemporary and Cantilevered – however, we also offer custom work to meet customers needs


Cabinets and units are manufactured in-house with a range of options and variations to satisfy any storage need. Available as suspended, mobile, wall-hung, or floor-standing units. All our cabinetry can be constructed from a choice of materials (Melamine, PVC, Polyprop, Solid Core, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel etc). Again, standard sizes are offered as a starting point, with the option of customizability to customers needs.


Worktop material selection depends on the requirements and intended use in the laboratory. Common materials include epoxy resin, melamine, stainless steel, polypropylene, PVC, granite, and phenolic resin. A needs assessment by CLS will help identify which material can provide the required performance and long life. Ask CLS about our new inhouse affordable lab worktop range- Hygiene Top Plus


Laboratory Components can best be described as the accessories specifically needed for the laboratory,. Be it sanitaryware, fixtures, fittings, emergency showers, fume hoods, extraction systems, ducting, stainless steel products etc Once again due to the nature of the work carried out in laboratories it is critical that the correct components are selected.