Design & Consultation

It's all about understanding

Being able to really understand the needs of the client is critical. It’s about asking the right questions at the right time and being able to guide the client towards where they need to be. The existing infrastructure, as well as the operational framework of the organisation need to be factored as design considerations.

A flexible, yet managed consultative process is driven by a team of experiencedf professionals, ready to assist the client, architect, designer and specifier at any stage during the project lifestyle. We offer digital design and project management applications to all our partners to ensure a productive and professional consultative process.


All manufacturing is managed in-house

Our products are manufactured as components according to an established and structured production process. Quality control is managed at every step of the process to ensure a superior product that installs seamlessly and is easily maintained. A modular design style offers the client complete customisation and a solution that meets their specific demands.

Our frames, cabinets and worktops are manufactured by specialised production units. Our steel factory lines produce all our frames and a dedicated cabinetry division manages the preparation, assembly and finishing of all our cabinets, worktops and furniture.

Assembly & Installation

Bringing it all together

A central production management framework brings all the components together as a solution and offers a transparent and efficient order fulfilment process. Our assembly and installation teams operate as an extension of our production units. All company assemblers, installers and service staff are trained in the manufacturing process to ensure that the components come together as the client intended.

Design & Consultation

Needs Assessment

While you may know exactly where you want to be, getting there can sometimes be a little confusing. That’s where our team is available to help guide you through the process to where you need to be, on time and in budget.

Ideas & Concepts

Together we can move away from old thinking patterns, identify new opportunities and develop refreshing new ideas. We then create a joint solution in prototypes and mock-ups – to ensure that we really understand what works.

Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling produces a digital and networked design. It also enables design options to be visualised as a 3D model at a very early stage, significantly improving the evaluation of options and decision-making. Start your laboratory design with parametric data models from City Lab Solutions.


All manufacturing is managed in-house

We have three dedicated and independently managed factories; one running comprehensive steel production lines, the second dealing with board and wood manufacturing, and a third handling upholstery, fabric, and chair assembly. A fourth factory is currently being established to manage domestic (non-chair) production and should be fully operational in the new year.

  • Office Furniture – With more than 30 years’ experience in the office furniture manufacturing industry we are capable of managing any office project, irrespective of scope and size.
  • Hospital and Medical Furniture – The medical furniture range comprising hospital beds and furniture forms the basis of our locally manufactured healthcare product offering. An ever expanding and versatile range is offered, with a focus on quality and competitive pricing.
  • Scholastic Furniture – As an established brand in the scholastic sector, we offer a full range of school furniture, educational accessories, and auditorium seating as specified ranges.
  • Carpentry – Our in-house carpentry division produces a wide range of standard desks and furniture, customised furniture, fittings as well as kitchens and shopfitting.
  • Architects and Specifiers – We work closely with local designers and project specifiers, offering the innovation that professional access to local manufacturing infrastructure offers.