Ductless Fume Hood is a viable alternative to conventional fume hoods. This type of fume hood utilizes carbon or HEPA filtration to protect laboratory personnel from toxic chemical fumes, odors, and particles. Known for its plug-and-play feature and mobility, Ductless Fume Hood guarantees a hassle-free installation and no lab work interruption.

Esco Ascent™ Ductless fume hood is known as the “green” solution to Modern Chemistry. This cabinet is equipped with Nanocarb™ filters which removes chemical vapors from the workzone. Also, it has multiple models, configurations, and filter options to suit user’s application.

Must-have features to consider

  • Compliance to ASHRAE 110 for superior fume containment
  • Effective carbon filtration efficiency
  • Easy-to-use control system with alarms for unsafe conditions
  • Wide selection of carbon filter types to accommodate a variety of chemical handling
  • Plug-and-play feature which prevents any laboratory downtime
  • Offers a broad range of accessories and options
  • Industry-unique dual diffuser system that helps optimize carbon filter life
  • Energy-efficient design which reduces total carbon footprint
  • Must be mobile, portable, and easily relocated
  • FiltraCheck™ free service to qualify your application’s suitability for a ductless solution