Thousands of industrial accidents happen every year in spite of precautionary safety measures, accidents that are caused by human exposure to heat (fire, boiling water and oil, steam, etc.), to corrosive agents (fluid acids and caustics) and/or to influence by dust and corrosive aerosols (metal, dirt, fluids). These accidents may cause the injured person acute pain, disablement and loss of life.

However, experience shows that the consequences and human suffering following such accidents can be considerably limited if water is applied directly to the affected areas instantly after the exposure.

It is a harsh reality that risk lurks in many places: in the laboratory, in the kitchen, in the warehouse, in the chemical plant, in the workshop or, generally speaking, in any place where heat, corrosion or dust can cause serious human injury.

For these reasons we strongly recommend installation of an adequate emergency shower system as a means of limiting these risks.

All BROEN-LAB emergency shower systems are designed and engineered to be easily operable. This allows for “one-action” activation of the shower ensuring immediate and continued flushing without any need for further action.

The easy operation also allows the injured person to use both hands to keep his eyes open for effective flushing, to undress under the shower, or just to help exposing the affected area for better and more expedient treatment.

On the eye shower, the nozzles are protected by rubber cups to keep the injured person from hurting themselves unintentionally. The nozzles are also protected against dust and dirt by the caps which are removed automatically by the initial jet of water.

The first seconds following an eye injury are often critical to keeping injury to a minimum. A personal wash unit may be kept in the immediate vicinity of employees working in a potentially hazardous area. The main purpose of these units is to supply immediate flushing. With this accomplished, the injured individual should then proceed to a plumbed or self-contained eyewash and flush the eyes for the required 15-minute period.