Laboratory Boards and Worktops

The business end of the bench system

Laboratory boards and worktops, as the business end of the bench system, the laboratory worktop is probably the most important consideration during the design and specification process.

As a workspace needing to accommodate a variety of chemical and other materials, the surface needs to offer resistance to these materials, while ensuring the safety of the worker. In addition, the laboratory worktop needs to provide physical protection against general rough work, as well as ensuring the structural integrity of the overall bench system.

We offer a choice of surface ranging from post form options, Meranti and Saligna wood finishes, solid core material and our locally developed range of Hygiene-Board available exclusively through City Lab Solutions.

Our range of laboratory worktops tick all the required boxes when it comes to the specific requirements of laboratory, hospital, and hygiene operations. We also focus on the mechanical performance of all our worktops to ensure good machinery and a final product that is not only strong, but visually appealing and a pleasure to work on.

Hygiene Board

We are proud to introduce you to an alternative construction material with many practical applications and that is a safer and recyclable replacement for MDF, Chipboard, Melamine Board and Plywood.

Hygiene Board comes in sheet format from 3mm-32mm that can be machined and finished like traditional materials; but it’s SIMPLY BETTER.

The product is a homogeneous material with a foam core made of closed cell PVCU with a hardened skin on both surfaces.

Hygiene Board is non-toxic, formaldehyde free, non-porous and can be used and processed using the same methods as wood-based panel products.

The unique properties of Hygiene Board enables unparalleled possibilities for curves, profiles and bends, without affecting its structural integrity.


Max Resistance 2 combines the very best intrinsic qualities: extreme resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, natural strength, long lasting durability, and an easy-to-clean surface. What’s more, it opens up new design possibilities.

Max Resistance² is a duromer high pressure laminate (HPL), produced in laminate presses, under high pressure at high temperature, in accordance with EN 438-4, type CGS.

Due to its scientifically developed, double-cured polyurethane acrylic coating, Max Resistance² stands up to the toughest tests – unaffected by solvents, most acids and the harshest chemicals.

Easy-to-clean and disinfect and at the same time wear and scratch resistant, this innovative material significantly extends the life cycle of your laboratory work surface.