Laboratory Frames

Our Laboratory Frames are constructed according to industrial standards using various steel options, in a choice of square or rectangular profile as an inhouse product.

As an industry leader, CLS will only make use of a minimum wall thickness of 1.6mm, ensuring strength and robustness.

Welding is carried out using the latest laser technology, followed by a cleaning treatment using a phosphating process.

Our industrial powder coating plant applies an epoxy powder coating to a minimum of 70-micron thickness. The finishes are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit any environment.

Three standard style options are offered: Traditional, Contemporary and Cantilevered

We also offer custom frame work to meet customers needs.

The laboratory frames are designed to accommodate both suspended cabinets which clip directly to the frame, and the mobile units

At City Lab Solutions we understand the importance of quality and we aim not only to meet industry standards, but to always exceed these standards without compromise.

Our frames are built to be strong and can handle all the rigors associated with day-to-day lab tasks and responsibilities.

Designed for work, the frame offers a high load-bearing capacity, stability and easy access to instrumentation, tools, and materials.