We design your emergency shower solution to match your standards and requirements perfectly. Build the right configuration with showers and accessories from our complete range of high quality products.

Body showers that rinse the whole body effectively are indispensable where acids, steam, dust or other harmful substances are being handled. Wall and ceiling mounted as well as freestanding systems available.

Eye and face showers offer immediate relief when eyes are injured and are reliable and efficient showers for eyes and face. Wall and table mounted with stationary and flexible options. Body and eye/face showers are also available in one installation.

Heated showers for locations where temperatures can go as low as a -35°C.

Responsibility is a matter of taking into consideration that which surely won’t happen.

The safety of your colleagues and the reputation of your activities rely on whether you are prepared – for the unfortunate moment that hopefully never occurs. BROEN LAB is a specialist in emergency shower systems for pharmaceutical activities, where there is a lot at stake every day. Even the most advanced and tested installations may be affected by errors, and even the most experienced colleague may have an inattentive moment. This is precisely when it makes a difference having selected an emergency shower system from BROEN-LAB.

There are many factors that come into play

Signage should be clearly visible and easy to understand. The shower should be easily accessible. It should be easy and intuitive to operate. The water should be clean and temperate. The shower must not have lime deposits and the water should be correctly distributed, so that the entire eye area and all areas of the body are thoroughly rinsed. If a co-worker has come in contact with a dangerous substance, it is important that the equipment works optimally.

An emergency shower system from BROEN-LAB will provide your business with a solution that is based on decades of experience with the pharmaceutical industry and is thought through down to the smallest details.

Quality from start to finish

Thoroughly tested total solutions for all of your environments

BROEN-LAB has developed a product program, which has become the quality benchmark on the market. In short, our emergency shower systems have the following benefits:

  • The shower heads always provide the completely correct water distribution.
  • The emergency showers are intuitively simple to operate, so that an injured person may e.g. use both hands to keep their eyes open for effective rinsing or get undressed under the shower.
  • The signage around the emergency showers is clear and easy to understand.
  • The shower heads are self-draining, so there will be no unclean water in them, and no lime deposits.
  • The material and assembly is of the highest quality.
  • The solutions are module-based. This makes assembly and any replacement of single parts a quick and cost-efficient process.